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Adidas AltaRun Cf I Co Sneaker Kids 1kvMET

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    Adidas AltaRun Cf I Co Sneaker Kids 1kvMET
    Adidas AltaRun Cf I Co Sneaker Kids 1kvMET
    Adidas AltaRun Cf I Co Sneaker Kids 1kvMET

    Product Details
    adidas AltaRun Cf I Kids Sneaker Adidas AltaRun Cf I Co Kids Sneaker gives you the freedom to move around with a multi-layered mesh with added support. Adidas Kids sneakers, which help prevent sweating through a mesh design that allows feet to breathe, helps maintain foot health. Comfort and comfort in every step The Adidas AltaRun Kids sneaker, which attracts attention with its various colors, leather and mesh options, has a soft and flexible insert thanks to the special technology on the heel. Velcro details can be easily removed and worn with the model at each step of comfort and comfort that comes to the fore. The heel cushioning supports the child's stiff turns, maneuvers and stabilizes the feet in challenging movements such as jumping and jumping. Thanks to its low weight, the model does not add weight to the body thanks to the upholstery. Robust and durable design With its one-piece EVA midsole and outsole design, the model provides a very flexible and soft design and can be used for a long time thanks to its durability and durability. without losing its shape The rubber outsole is easy to hold on to any tuff on the floor and the special design of the sole that ensures that the foot is completely on the floor, perfectly matched to the design of the upper surface covers the foot The Flexible insole structure, which adopts the shape of the foot, supports the child's natural movements. The EVA midsole's superior cushioning technology minimizes ground pressure and provides robust and flexible handling. Easy to use The Adidas AltaRun Kids sneakers are an excellent choice for children who play, run and splash throughout the day, avoiding sweating thanks to the inner fabric design that allows the feet to breathe. Thanks to the interior, which keeps you dry throughout the day, your feet will not only sweat through perspiration, but will also slip in your shoes. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, the Adidas sneaker, which can easily carry children, is one of the most popular models due to its easy handling. The outsole's special design prevents children from slipping out and allows children to move more freely throughout the day. Flexible design, modern lines The adidas AltaRun Kids sneaker, which is flexible thanks to its rubber outsole design, presents itself in a modern look in the modern three-line design of the adidas brand. Due to the lightness of the children's feet, the model is not tired, growth and development in terms of children's foot health plays an important role. The model, which supports running on hard surfaces, helps maintain skeletal and muscular health by minimizing pressure on the foot. Adidas Kids sneaker, which is characterized by longevity and elegant design, has a long shelf life without losing its shape. Other Features EVA outsole cushioning that supports every step and provides flexibility. Band closure detail for easy wear. Supporting synthetic network for the feet to breathe. Adifit removable lining that supports the ability to find the most appropriate number for the feet. EcoOrthoLite® insole for comfort and performance. One-piece EVA midsole for softness and flexibility. Adifit removable liner designed to find the most accurate number.

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