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Adidas FortaRun Cf Sneaker Kids zyDK9x

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    Adidas FortaRun Cf Sneaker Kids zyDK9x
    Adidas FortaRun Cf Sneaker Kids zyDK9x
    Adidas FortaRun Cf Sneaker Kids zyDK9x

    Product Details
    Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids Sneaker Kids When choosing sneakers, it is important to remember that the shoe promotes healthy development and provides comfort to the child. The sneaker selection that will allow all children who travel all day to finish the day happy. Models with air-bearing, non-squeezing, solid base structure are sneaker models with preferred features for children's sneakers. Cloudfoam Medium Base Structure with superior padding The adidas FortaRun Cf Kids' cloudfoam midsole technology provides soft padding in the shoe. This cushioning technology helps to dissipate the pressure that occurs in the sneaker, which moves throughout the day with every foot movement. The Cloudfoam midsole technology offers comfort and supreme cushioning from first wearing the morning shoes until the end of the day. Foot Health Breathing File Saya For kids who spend the whole day with an intense movement because of Sneakenn's sweaty feet is important to provide a healthy structure Adidas FortaRun The Cf Kids Sneaker 'breath net provides the airflow for the feet all moves takes day, breathes in the feet of children and prevents moisture. The adidas FortaRun Cf Kids Sneaker wraps around the seamless mesh on the foot for a flexible foot motion. Adifit Removable Lining for Choosing the Right Shoes Number One of the toughest points in choosing shoes for kids is finding the right shoe number. Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids Sneaker, Adifit Removable Lining is designed to be able to determine the most accurate shoe size. EcoOrthoLite® insole for comfort and performance The EcoOrthoLite® insole is a basic structure made using environmentally friendly technology. Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids The EcoOrthoLite® insole shape used in the sneaker dampens moisture through intense mobility on the feet of children. Its special antibacterial formula, its compressive strength and its breathable structure are the main features of the EcoOrthoLite® insole technology. It was developed with the aim of improving foot health by preventing the formation of moisture through air circulation. The EcoOrthoLite® insole shaping technology prevents the formation of unpleasant results such as bacteria, bad odor and fungus and provides comfort in the daily use of sneakers. Because it affects the environment, this technology is also referred to as environmentally friendly technology because it is made from recycled rubber powder. Non-marking rubber outsole The non-marking rubber outsole structure used in the Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids sneaker allows attachment to the ground and prevents slippage. Sneaker-base structure is favored with its rubber base structure durability and extra grip on wet-dry floors. The rubber outsole, which supports the natural movements of the foot, increases the balance and provides durability in the movements, ensures a pleasant use. Other features of the Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids sneakers are used to make sure the sneaknee is completely seated. Comfortable Velcro straps are used for children to wear their shoes easily. The Velcro used in the Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids Sneaker is used as two bands in 28-31.5 numbers and in three bands in 32-40 numbers. The Adidas FortaRun Cf Kids Sneaker lining helps keep your feet breathing and improves your foot health. The unique adidas 3-band detail is made of fabric and plastic and adds to the design of the shoe.

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