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Adidas FortaRun K '18 (GS) Sneaker Mens 5pLrw3

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    Adidas FortaRun K '18 (GS) Sneaker Mens 5pLrw3
    Adidas FortaRun K '18 (GS) Sneaker Mens 5pLrw3
    Adidas FortaRun K '18 (GS) Sneaker Mens 5pLrw3

    Product Details
    adidas FortaRun K (GS) Adidas is one of the world's leading sports brands, offering a wide range of running to tennis products in the categories Sneaker Kids, Womens and Mens. adidas is renowned for its durable and comfortable sports equipment. FortaRun K (GS) sneakers, designed specifically for children, help children show off their energy with their special properties: Breathable and breathable feet provide support for the kids. Designed with EcoOrthoLite technology, the Eco-friendly insole for foot health Negative consequences of sweat. Its mid-calf cushioning helps keep the kids moving by releasing the pressure from the floor with every step in the shoe.The Adidas Kids sneaker is the perfect footsteps solution with Seamless File Saya children's and seamless stitches counts. The easy-to-adjust lacing system supports the feet of the shoe. The fabric insert and the mesh let the feet breathe. The breathable fabric minimizes perspiration and moisture through intense mobility and provides comfort for every activity of your child For foot health, the necessary air circulation, the reduction of foot sweat is important, and the design of the shoe with low wrist allows the children to move freely, by loosening their ankles. The Adidas FortaRun K (GS) sneaker, which is highly prized for its rubber outsole and strong bottom grip features, allows the sneaker to take the steps of kids safely with its rubber outsole structure. The rubber outsole enhances the durability of the shoe and provides long-term use, minimizing the risk of slipping on all surfaces and increasing the risk of slipping due to better traction. The powerful soil handling in all directions also helps the children to balance the ground and make it fit for any activity. The foot from the heel to the toe of the natural movements of the feet are also compatible. More soft-padded movement and EcoOrthoLite insole The Cloudfoam midsole structure reduces the feeling of tiredness at the end of the day for children who are intensely active throughout the day. The soft padding function of Shoes increases comfort and performance. The soft cushioning distributes the pressure generated by each step in a balanced way and supports the energies and movements of the children. The Adidas sneaker, which also uses the EcoOrthoLite insertion structure, maintains the foot health of never-ending childhood energy. The eco-friendly insole prevents the unwanted consequences of bacteria or fungus that can form through sweating inside the shoe. The inner bottom allows air circulation to keep feet cool and dry at all times. adidas FortaRun K (GS) More details on sneakers Seamless mesh wrap around the feet Perfectly padded Cloudfoam midsole with padding all day Comfort comforter Base for all-round flooring and safety enhancement Comfortable use with easy-adjustable lacing and heel strip Heel section and the three - Classic adidas logo on the sides

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