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Adidas X 18.1 FG Boots Spikes Mens zxqdih

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    Adidas X 18.1 FG Boots Spikes Mens zxqdih
    Adidas X 18.1 FG Boots Spikes Mens zxqdih
    Adidas X 18.1 FG Boots Spikes Mens zxqdih

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    adidas X18.1 Fg Boots When choosing sneakers for intensive sports use, it is also important that you understand your foot and flexibility, as well as its relationship with the sports field. With sneakers that are compatible with the ground, the sport performance increases and the ball in the game increases. For football that is played on grass, special shoes are required. The choice of the right crampons for grass pitches directly influences the success of soccer fields. The adidas X18.1 Fg Boots Mens Spikes is a crampon designed to achieve the highest speed on the pitch to ensure the highest quality and to meet user expectations. It grabs the foot with its unstructured structure and molded heel and allows the foot to be attached to the tongue part, which stretches in four directions. Saya with its thin mesh structure creates a feeling of intense lightness. The perforated outsole reduces weight and provides additional flexibility for football players. Balance and performance in the grass field The lawn area on the ground floor, in contrast to the artificial turf fields on the concrete floor, offers softness and flexibility. Grass pitches that allow faster and more comfortable movement on the ground increase the sportive performance. In order to balance the soft tissue and improve the adhesion, it is necessary to choose the right crampons that are suitable for the pitches. Adidas X18.1 Fg Boots Men's 3D molded heel spikes, lightweight outsole and perforated surface provide ultra-lightweight Speedframe outsoles. Adidas X18.1 Fg Boots Men's spikes with tapered toenails and round heel nails that let you move around the lawn much faster are some of the outstanding features of the Mens Spikes. Speed ??and direct ball contact The ultra-thin Speedmesh saya offers a special feature of the spasm and stabilizes the foot, which is very important in football. It provides maximum wrist movement, which are the movements of the wrist, which are of great importance for ball control, light strokes and rust, and are more practical and functional with the adjustable lacing system Adidas X 18.1 Fg Boots Features Designed for high speed and effective ball control It is a grass field cramp He grabs the foot with his unstructured structure and molded heel, he increases the movement of the player. It offers high-speed movement with its light structure and lightness. It provides maximum wrist movement while playing football with its ergonomics that emphasizes lightness. Speed ??with perforated surface provides stability with the Speedframe outsole. On the soft ground of the turf grass there are pointed nails and round heel pins. The crampons for field use can be adapted to different requirements with an adjustable lacing system. You can buy adidas X18.1 Fg Boots Men's Spikesu online sports store that offers true speed difference on the real grass covered fields.

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