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Adidas Zx 700 Sneaker Womens 391jEu

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    Adidas Zx 700 Sneaker Womens 391jEu
    Adidas Zx 700 Sneaker Womens 391jEu
    Adidas Zx 700 Sneaker Womens 391jEu

    Product Details
    The adidas Zx 700 Womens Sneaker combines the style of the 80's with evolving technology. Metallic three-band detail gives a retro look. Designed with classic lines, the sneaker reflects the vintage style of all-time fashion for your clothes. The Adidas Zx 700 compatible with any environment creates a new style by combining many high quality materials. With the perfect balance of leather and textiles, it adapts to many garments as everyday shoes. Individual shades in combination with the offered color options allow easy selection of the shoes for your taste. The top, which has a longer durability with suede coatings, gives movement to the design with details. Its special textured surface turns out to be a new style as the classic running shoe look is preserved. When you use it with many garments in your daily life, it changes the air of your clothes. You can create yourself by creating a special style. Lightweight and Soft Steps The adidas Zx 700 Womens Sneaker is a lightweight EVA midsole that makes it much lighter than most shoes. The heel height is ideal for ideal cushioning. Absorbs shock and shock while kicking. It offers comfort for your soles. The low weight also helps you to work out longer. The pressure exerted on your feet is absorbed by the middle base. Technology that prevents your muscles from getting hit while improving your foot health. Its flexible structure adapts to your movements and relaxes your walk. The design, which is compatible with the anatomical structure of your foot, supports the posture of your body. Balanced Posture The adidas Zx 700 supports your steps with the base TPU heel counterbalance. Rubber outsole TPU material increases the durability of the shoe sole. The base is more resistant to abrasion and thus increases the service life. It does not deconstruct in intensive training processes. It provides comfort in daily use and continues to support your steps. The flexible shoe bottom allows comfortable travel on any surface. Suitable for salon work and outdoor exercises. It stops on the ground in the streets between the asphalt streets of the city or the trees. It helps you to stay on wet and damp surfaces without losing your balance. Heat- and cold-resistant materials continue to provide comfort and remain flexible even in changing environmental conditions. Comfort-integrated details The adidas adidas ZX 700 combines all the technology on the top and bottom with a comfortable textile lining. The shoe provides an ergonomic shape for the shoe. This prevents your foot from being idle. Shoes support your strength every step of the way and prevent disruptions caused by friction. The primer between your skin and the bacillus helps protect your foot against impact. The textile structure, which is woven with soft materials, cares for your skin and provides comfort with the comfort it provides. One of the reasons for the preference of textile material in the preparation of the primer is the porous structure that is formed when touched. Pores that supply the shoe with air help the skin to breathe. During walking, the excess heat in the shoes is thrown out together with the air. This prevents the formation of moisture in the shoes. It supports the prevention of foot health by preventing the negative effects that can result from sweating.

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